This section presents testimonials from former students of Irish College Of Hairdressing.

Christines Testimonial

Great training, I was especially greatful for the 1 to 1 attention I received. Thanks for starting me on a great career which is allowing me the opportunity to travel the world!

Trevors Testimonial

Being taught how to handle the hair in easy steps made it so much easier and took the fear away.  The way the trainer could move at a different pace with each students amazed me.

Claire's Testimonial

I felt I got the confidence to try more styles and techniques. The trainer took away all my fear of Hair-up I cant believe how easy it really is!

Martina's Testimonial

Great ideas, Eileen is fab which is why we come back to do courses at this college, she is clear, approachable and encouraging.

Linda's Testimonial

Hands on is great you go out already having completed everything and knowing how to do it, a real confidence builder and I would absolutely recommend any courses at this college.

Margaret's Testimonial

Triona is fantastic, small classes the one to one with Triona when needed really gives you the confidence.

Una's Testimonial

All the courses I have taken at the college have been delivered in such a professional manner with easy to understand and very patient trainers.

Serena's Testimonial

For me hairdressing has been a career that has been flexible and changed as my needs and interests have changed.  While my friends were getting stressed about being stuck in their jobs, working full-time Monday to Friday, I was always able to make my job work for me.  Soon after I qualified, I worked in Australia for one year spending four months each in Sydney and Melbourne.  I went out there with a friend who was also a hairdresser, we found our jobs easily, made some money and then spent quite a bit of time having fun and seeing all that the country had to offer.  When I got home, I worked hard for a number of years, enjoying it all the time and eventually set up my own salon.  I only work there part-time now as I have two young children to run around after but every day I go in, I still look forward to seeing my clients and colleagues and keeping up to date with all the latest trends.