Q. What qualification does the course offer?

A. A City & Guilds International Diploma. City & Guilds is the number one qualification in the world in the hairdressing and barbering industry.

Q. Am I fully qualified when I finish my course?

A. Yes. On completion of your City & Guilds International Diploma you will be fully qualified in your chosen field Hairdressing or Barbering or if you wish Hairdressing and Barbering.

Q. What benefit is City & Guilds?

A. City & Guilds is the number one qualification in the world in hairdressing and barbering. City & Guilds means, qualified, highly skilled, employable and recognisable.

Q. Do I have to pay all course fee’s in one lump sum?

A. No a payment plan is available.

Q. How many students are in the class?

A. Maximum 12 students per group

Q. How do I apply?

A. Click on “City & Guilds Courses” link above, to view our Hairdressing and Barbering Courses. After learning more about the course, you can the complete the application form and proceed to pay a deposit on the course.

Q. How do I guarantee my place on the course

A. A deposit of €500 will guarantee your place on the course.

Q. How can I pay my deposit?

A. The easiest way is by direct bank transfer. Deposits can be paid for by Bank Transfer / Cheque. Please complete the City & Guilds application form as a prerequisite, then please contact Irish College Of Hairdressing.

Q. Do I get holidays during the course?

A. Yes, there are specific holidays set out at the beginning of every course start date. Spring break, Easter holidays, Summer holidays, Autumn break and Christmas Holidays are the holidays for the year.

Q. What are the hours that I have to attend college?

A. 9am – 5:00pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday and Wednesday 10:30am – 6:30pm. Your 1 day a week work experience can be completed on either a Friday or Saturday

Q. What if I have booked holidays at a different time to the college holidays?

A. While it is something that we would not encourage it is up to the student to catch up on their course work that we deliver during their absence. It is better if you can put your holidays off until after your course finishes or you book your holidays during the above break times.

Q. Do you have accommodation?

A. Yes a B&B is available close by at a reasonable per night rate contact monica@irishcollegeofhairdressing.com for the contact details.

Q. Can I do a short term course?

A. Yes check out our Other Courses. If you don’t see the course you want, just let us know.

Q. What further training can I do?

A. You can complete the City & Guilds Level 3 Advanced Diploma.